A drive to Neemrana Fort with #BoltDrives

On Sunday, the 10th of May 15 bloggers went for a fun drive to Neemrana Fort with Blogadda and TataBolt. It was a hot Delhi summer day but it was also an opportunity to meet with other bloggers and the now familiar Blogadda Team,

And ofcourse to experience the new Tata Bolt.

The morning began with selfies and groupies.

And tweets,

We were divided into teams and were encouraged to share information about ourselves so that we could be introduced beyond what the blog world knew us as.

This was easy – I shared my yet unknown passion for bird photography, gender equality, against destruction of habitat of the animals on this planet (including humans). I was delighted to have two extroverts as my team mates.  🙂

We were given a presentation to understand the car we were going to experience – and the part (as always) I found the most interesting was the safety features and the tech enabled new age features one would not have dreamt of in cars a generation ago!

Specially designed high resolution touchscreen – ConnectNext touchscreen.

Smartphone enabled navigation with MapMyIndia maps, that uses android smartphone.

Video playback and image viewing option on the touch screen (via USB AND SD card) – (Come to think of it, I hope these can be used only while not-driving, that would be a safety feature. Drivers texting or viewing images or videos while driving is not a good idea)

This feature that would impress those who love music while driving (and who doesn’t? Anybody?) –  Speed sensitive auto volume control. The Bolt automatically raises the music volume as the car goes faster ‘ensuring a consistent audio quality’.

Voice command recognition to make calls, change tracks, control, AC, Incoming SMS notifications and read-outs  – I view this as a safety feature, seeing how many traffic accidents are a result of drivers texting while driving.

Safety is important I feel and so was glad to see dual airbags that ‘cushion the impact to protect the driver and front passenger (in an event of a frontal collision’).

We test drove the three different driving modes – Eco, City and Sport Modes.

We were in City Mode when I took this photograph 🙂 🙂

And then we reached.

It was hot!

Harish pointed out the three legged bull.

We had to walk up a little,

And we were enthusiastic 🙂

A little more,

And then we had this view,

Neemrana High Tea

The bloggers had energy enough after all this to explore the Neemrana Fort in a guided tour. I skipped this part and spent some time interacting with others who also chose to stay back.

We also had exposure to some art and culture.

The drive back was more fun because it was cooler and the drive was long, smooth and fun – and full of conversation. We were accompanied by one Captain Bolt in our car and another Captain Voice, who we kept trying to identify but couldn’t!

Before we parted, we exchanged blog links and twitter handles and I promised to watch Piku and nobody promised to to change their political views 🙂


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