White Cheeked Barbet in Goa

July is not the time for looking for birds in Goa, but I was there for the #zestupyourlife event so decided to stay back till 29th – not really expecting to see too many birds.

And what did we find!!  🙂

White Cheeked Barbet was one of the 20+ species we shot from our hotel balcony… all while sipping tea and enjoying the light drizzle.

This tree attracted all the birds.

Hotel Balcony

The drizzle and the lack of sun which made the weather so awesome, also meant the light was very poor.

1White Cheeked Barbet, common myna
I thought Barbets ate only fruit.
1White Cheeked Barbet with bee
If I had not seen it going there, I would have never known it sat right there – at a distance, but clear enough amongst the leaves.
1white cheeked barbet
Feeding a juvenile?

1White cheeked Barbets
Many more and better White Cheeked Barbet photographs in another post.
1white cheeked barbet


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