So how was the Tata Zest test driving experience? 

Although I was more curious about and interested in the Diesel automatic version, I think this version would require some getting used to.

Will continue later!

Wed, 30th July 2014

Back home after a looong weekend in Goa… experiencing the Tata Zest, and capturing colourful birds (although this is off season for bird photography in Goa)…

But let me continue where I left.

So what do I think of Tata Zest?

My review maybe influenced by the fact that I drive only when there is no other way to reach somewhere.

Here is what I would look for while buying a car,

1. Mileage, and the general cost of running it.

There is the diesel version.

2. Comfort and a feeling of space.

Loved the comfortable, spacious seats and leg room. Missed the place to keep water bottles, coffee mugs.  The boot seemed spacious enough.

There are three Driving Modes for driving in the city, on the highway or in ‘Sports Mode’.

Steering wheel with integrated controls – ac, music. Nice.

3. Safety.

The car has Dual SRS Air bags – a huge plus for me. The car also has speed sensing door lock – another plus.

Speed-sensitive power steering – it seems the steering would not feel as light at higher speeds. I know of a friend who was troubled by Power Steering when she first used it, so I suppose this could make the car safer to drive.

Another feature which I wish all cars had is – Ultrasonic rear park sensors with display on touchscreen.

Touchscreen! More about it, in a moment.

4. AMT (Automated manual transmission) is available in the diesel version – so clutch-free driving!!

Though this could take some getting used to, I feel AMT should be welcomed by many users, even more so by those who drive only to reach somewhere, and those who dread  the Indian traffic – provided it is priced competitively – Bloggers I spoke to seemed to think it should cost between 5-7 lakhs.

5. Gizmos 🙂

Entertainment features

Bluetooth, voice recognition, text-to-speech and phone-enabled navigation

The car will read out your SMS out to you and also tune the fm channel for you! We are told, this car has been trained to understand Indian accents (unlike my Samsung Galaxy SII)

8 speakers – if you like music while driving (I think everybody does)  Harman infotainment system.



The way the Zest had been introduced reminded me of this much loved Tata Zeta ad 🙂

And finally – here’s what just writing this review has done for me, made me want to take out my car and go for a drive 😀


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