In Goa… experiencing the Tata Zest.

Blogadda invited 50 bloggers to Goa, to experience the Tata Zest while being ‘pampered’ at The Zuri.

I almost didn’t come because I had no idea how much fun this could be 🙂  Glad I did!


Please take a look at how we were welcomed at The Zuri by the Blogadda team 😉


Sharon of The Key Bunch and I shared our gorgeous room with this lovely view.


Our room in Goa

I spent some time in the balcony admiring this noisy little creature.

Goa, 70 300

Sharon was more impressed with this and requested I capture this for her.


In the evening some of us strolled to the beach…

Goa 1

And then we came back and attended a ‘masterclass’ where the team that designed and engineered the Tata Zest spoke to us about what went into creating this car.

I realised there were quite definitely a much larger number of women in the hall, so looks like finally women in India are being seen as car buyers and owners 🙂

And what else did Miss Malini – the anchor think would delight women bloggers 🙂

See for yourself.


While all the information was impressive, here is what I found the most interesting.

Entertainment features

Everybody seemed super excited to test drive the car the next morning –  as someone who drives only when and because there is no other way to reach somewhere without driving, I was very curious about AMT in the diesel  version.

So how was the experience? In the next post!


10 thoughts on “In Goa… experiencing the Tata Zest.

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  2. Dear IHM, thanks for that capture of the street lights and our room! Pity the last day we hardly got to interact! I have a lot to learn from you 🙂

  3. I’d read this post but not commented at the time… can’t resist chiming in now… we are buying a Tata Zest… scheduled to arrive in a week!

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