A bag that is a DSLR camera bag and ladies bag in one.

I have been looking for a camera bag that was not a back pack; and could also be used like a Ladies Handbag  (or Purse).   Here’s one that came closest to it.  Found no pictures or reviews of this bag before buying it so I am sharing some pictures for anybody considering buying it. 

The outer pockets are convenient for water bottle, cash, cards, a cell phone, papers, driving licence etc.

Another look

The side pockets.

Camera Bag2

Another view.Camera Bag3

The shoulder strap is adjustable; and the padding can be adjusted or taken out since it is attached with velcro.

camera bag4

Another view.
Camera sling bag

One zippered front pocket

DSLR Camera Bag

Two side pockets (zippered) and one mesh pocket.

Zippered front pocket

The compartments are adjustable. Size of the insert: length 10 inches, depth 7 inches, width 4.2 inches. The insert has a mesh pocket for memory cards.

With the insert

A look at the velcro on the insert.


The insert can be taken out,

Insert taken out

This partition can be taken out too.

Taken out to adjust
To make more room,

10 X7 X 4.2

So that a Nikon D7000 with 70 300 mm lens can be fitted in.

70 300mm lens attached

This is how it fits.


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The kind of camera bags I like 😀

And finally, here’s why the I find the insert above super-useful 😆

Do you have a purse you’d like to turn into a camera bag? – Ashley

Don’t want to buy the bag for the insert? Make your own insert with this tutorial,

Camera Purse tutorial – step by step, make your own insert


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